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Raspberry Pi for Dummies Book Review

Written by Sean McManus and Mike Cook

Raspberry Pi for dummies is a great book for anyone getting started with Raspberry Pi. No matter what version of Raspberry Pi they have, they will be up and running quickly.

Raspberry Pi for Dummies book cover

One thing I love about this book is that you do not need to read it from cover to cover. You can dip in and out of the chapters depending on what you want to learn/use your Raspberry Pi for. If there is a chapter that you are interested in and it leads on from a previous part of the book, the chapter will state this at the start as well as give a summary of that chapter or section. So, whether you are at the start of your Raspberry Pi journey and need to know what else you need to go with your Raspberry Pi, or want to learn how to set up an SD card or find out about the Linux command line, it’s all within this book.

Raspberry Pi for Dummies also takes you through using your Raspberry Pi for productivity tasks like Wordprocessing and image editing, and all the way through to playing audio and video. You can also learn how to program using Scratch, Python and Sonic Pi, as well as learning how to integrate electronics into your projects.

This is the only book any Raspberry Pi beginner needs to get up and running no matter what they want to use their Raspberry Pi for. The book is very well written with everything explained so any beginner will understand. The book is also full of tips and tricks and extra information about more advanced topics if the reader wants to learn more about the more complex bits of projects.